Kitchen and Catering

Any successful commercial kitchen should be made up of distinct components and ideally these should be organised in such a way they optimise your performance. There are four key pieces of apparatus which every commercial kitchen must be equipped with.


  • Cleaning and washing – These include industrial dish washers equipped with the ability to steam and sanitise kitchen equipment.
  • Food Storage – Refrigeration equipment is essential for the running of any professional kitchen. All businesses within the food industry should ensure that they purchase only high quality refrigeration equipment for the cold storage of not only prepared foods but also raw foods.
  • Preparation of food – Food preparation stations are of great importance in any commercial kitchen. One of leading materials for this is stainless steel, not only because it looks stylish in any kitchen but it is also easy to sanitize.
  • Meal cooking – Arguably one of the most important aspects of running a commercial kitchen. You need to ensure that the appliances used to cook the food you are preparing is of the highest possible standard and quality.


At Port UK Trading, we have developed a procurement strategy that can be scaled across different suppliers. Many business owners admit that they face a number of issues when directly dealing with suppliers. To save you valuable time, we specialize in the procurement of various goods for your business so you can focus more on the core aspects of your business growth.


For all you kitchen and catering requirement, we have established good relationships with different suppliers domestically and internationally. Our logistic system is also proven to be reliable on a global scale. All you need to do is choose the supplies you need, we will then source your equipment our wide network of suppliers. Next, you will need to confirm your order and we will deliver them on time to your specific place of business.  At Port UK Trading we handle everything according to your timeline as well as your specific requirements.