Hand Tools, Power Tools and Hardware


Portable power tools can be described as circular saws, jigsaw, drills, and a wide variety of sanders. For the most part portable power tools run on regular 120-volt house current. Cordless power tools, however, which have batteries, will run on different voltages.


You will find portable power tools at many price levels from entry-level low priced ones perfect for use by homeowners to top quality high-end power tools used by people in various trades. It is important to note that many of the 120-volt power tools are available in cordless varieties and this includes jigsaws and drills.  A few examples of stationary power tolls are wood and metal lathes, table saws and thickness planers. Most stationary power tools will run on 120-volt AC current but some require 240-volt AC current.


Port UK Trading can assist you in sourcing the right hand tools, power tools and other hardware for your projects. Sourcing these tools can sometimes be a tiresome exercise, especially if you’re purchasing them internationally. Different issues can emerge while dealing with international manufacturers which may include, payment security, quality of the products, timeliness of delivery, bad customer services and more.


The different products that we can procure are available in a wide range of specifications to meet the varied needs of our clients. Our repeat customers have appreciated the products corrosion resistance, durability, high performance and very competitive prices. Let us know your specific needs and we will match it with products from various trusted suppliers.